A Moon for All Mankind

49 years ago, the world held their breath as Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon. It was hailed as “giant leap for mankind.” In reality, only 12 astronauts have ever set foot on the Moon. 

In partnership with Oscar winning creative studio Framestore and engineering experts Mannetron, Iris set out on a two-year mission in the spirit of Samsung’s brand promise ‘Do what you can’t'; aiming to push the limits of what a Samsung phone can do and open the Moon to all. 

Introducing ‘A Moon For all Mankind’ (AMFAM), the world’s first 4D lunar gravity virtual reality (VR) experience. Using the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, users can now immerse themselves in a visual and physical VR experience that accurately recreates a Moon mission, giving them the opportunity to experience what lunar gravity is really like.  

Having launched under embargo at the 2018 Winter Olympics and Mobile World Congress, July sees the experience launch to the public at Samsung’s flagship 837 store, in New York City. 

Iris and Framestore worked in collaboration with NASA and the team at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston behind the Active Response Gravity Offload System (ARGOS), to create a VR experience mapped to the partial gravity experience of walking on the Moon. 

The AMFAM experience at Samsung 837 will see consumers experience a full space mission, including a briefing and details about how astronauts move on the Moon. They will then step into a flight suit and harness, wearing a Gear VR headset, to experience the lunar mission in the gravity offload rig. The market-leading Gear VR headset provides users an untethered, ultra-fast, smooth and immersive VR experience. By leveraging the power of Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the high quality of its Super AMOLED displays, the Gear VR headset uses dedicated sensors and a wide field of view to help consumers fully immerse themselves in the experience of walking on the Moon.

All of this takes place in a custom-designed rig and IMU ‘spacesuit’, the users weight is registered in real-time and then offset with accuracy to emulate the gravity of the Moon’s surface. These physical elements work in tandem with mission content developed, transporting users to a new level of experiential entertainment.