Contagious Pioneers once again!

Every year, Contagious puts together its Pioneers List, which ranks agencies from around the world that consistently set the standard for excellence and innovation in marketing.
The list is compiled from an analysis of the Contagious I/O intelligence platform – a database of the most progressive and effective marketing in the world.
And for the 2nd year running, Iris London has secured a position in the Top 10.
In Contagious’ own words, ‘Contagiousness is in the stuff that people choose to care about and feel compelled to share’ – at Iris we call that ‘Participation’ and we have proved time and again that it works..
Not just a brilliant quarterly magazine that navigates the complexity of modern marketing, Contagious provide an intelligence platform, briefings, advisory services and live events across the globe to champion brave, innovative creativity across the industry, and being recognised as one of the Best & Bravest Agencies on the Planet within that is a huge achievement.
We couldn’t be prouder and today are thanking the people, start-ups and brands within the Iris family that helped us get to this point, and who are living ‘For the forward’ in order to help our clients make bold leaps to transform their business..