5 Ways Hamilton is Winning the Marketing Game

Spoiler alert: Everything you have heard about "Hamilton" is true. The musical is ambitious, groundbreaking, hilarious, poignant and overwhelming. Many theater critics have written eloquent assessments of this musical and its talented creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The mainstream media is having a field day as well. In the past six weeks, "Hamilton" has visited the White House, won a Pulitzer Prize, and has influenced the U.S. Treasury about replacing or retaining particular historical figures on our bills (Harriet Tubman! George Washington!), in addition to contributing to important conversations about race and history. "Hamilton" is a cultural and artistic powerhouse.

However, one aspect of "Hamilton" has been considerably less explored — its marketing prowess. In my experience as both a playwright and a brand strategist, I have come across many extremely valuable and entertaining pieces of content, and very few that have taken full advantage of new technologies and behaviors as well as "Hamilton." This musical has created a strong online presence, and it has moved from simply advertising its show to truly building an identity and indeed a brand.

Here are five ways that "Hamilton" is winning the marketing game:

1. Keeping social media personal and varied 

2. Turning a hygiene factor into an event 

3. Category presence and generosity 

4. Cultural mashup

5. Reacting in real time 

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