Iris Amsterdam Hires New Head of Consulting

Iris Amsterdam has strengthened its team with the appointment of Lennard Hulsbos as Head of Consulting. In this role, he will be responsible for Iris Concise’s client portfolio, as well as the development of the agency’s current consultancy offering. Lennard has more than 10 years’ experience in brand, design and consultancy roles across Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

In recent years Lennard’s main focus has been on business and innovation-strategy, human-centric design, data-science and concept development for the circular economy. In previous roles, he was responsible for clients such as Starbucks, Huawei, Metro, Lenovo, Bosch and Deutsche Telekom, whom he advised on infrastructure, privacy in smart homes, digital user experiences as well as on product and service development for the Huawei Watch 2. 

Outside of his day job, Lennard is involved with various social and political initiatives amongst others, KEK, an organisation run by young professionals who are involved with the climate agreement for the Dutch government. He is strategic advisor with a taskforce for the Dutch government on education and labour market and runs C.UBI – a framework for universal basic income and the circular economy. Additionally, he was previously awarded two UN Millennium Goals Awards with Satara - a slow fashion concept for female empowerment. 

Lennard will be using his breadth of experience and knowledge with brands and businesses worldwide to bolster Iris Amsterdam’s offering.

Paul Greenep, Managing Director at Iris Amsterdam: “Lennard has a mix of extensive knowledge and experience that matches our entrepreneurial culture and makes him the perfect fit for forward thinking brands and businesses. He is a strong addition to the team, we’ll welcome him with open arms and look forward to the future.” 

Lennard Hulsbos, Head of Consulting at Iris Amsterdam: “Iris is a company that has made some major steps in global development in recent years. The agency’s non- conformist approach to the market and its ambition to lift its consultancy arm to a higher level, suit me. I look forward to familiarising myself with the current work and using that as a building block to continue building a proposition on the cross-roads of consultancy, data and strategic design.