The Deal

For the launch of their new ‘hardwired’ football boots, adidas briefed us to challenge creators to test the limits of their imagination. 

So, we decided to set the football world straight. 2019 is the year we separate the creators from everyone else. 

In a highly disruptive global campaign, we called out all creators with a manifesto for this new football world order. We called it ‘The Deal’. 

It’ssimple. Accept the deal, keep your side of the deal, push the limits of your imagination… or you can keep your money. And, we’ll take the boots somewhere else. 

We recruited adidas’ biggest stars including Paul Pogba, Lionel Messi and Robert Firminoto set the conditions of the deal across 32 master films and 21 individual player films delivered in various languages. 

The integrated campaign was rolled out on social and .com, activated across OOH andfeaturedon Spotify.

Messi Salah Dybala