Clean Up The F-Word

Despite changes in legislation, the majority of employees are still scared to request flexible working hours. So, Digital Mums challenged iris to drive social awareness of the benefits of flexible working nationwide.

We responded with a series of carefully crafted, powerful creative entitled ‘Clean Up The F Word’. Atfirst glance, the provocative work seemed to be censoring another well known ‘F word’ with statements such as ‘I love f******* working’. However, on closer inspection, we revealed that the topic in question was in fact flexible work. 

The campaign appeared on UK wide DOOH sites, including a tactical spot outside parliament, applying pressure on the government to officially redefine the term ‘flexible working’. 

The work featured across all social platforms, picked up masses of press attention, and has changed attitudes to flexible working across the country.


The campaign went live 6th September 2017, results coming soon

F Word 6 F Word 1 F Word 2 F Word 3 F word 4 F Word 5