Hunt Greatness

JJ Watt, the Houston Texan who’s inarguably the hardest working player in the NFL, hates the idea of chasing dreams. “Chase” sounds like you’re not in control, like you’re one step behind. No, JJ Watt prefers to hunt. To actively stalk and capture what he desires most: greatness. And every game, every practice, every training session is another chance to capture it - pushing himself to his limits in an endeavor to take it down.

But after a season that culminated with an injury, it became clear that JJ’s off season wouldn’t be about going after what’s next on his agenda – it would be about getting back to square one.

JJ’s hunt for a comeback would begin right in time with the release of his new platform- Hunt Greatness- and first training sneaker, the JJ I, in collaboration with Reebok, giving us the opportunity to develop a campaign around Watt that went beyond just a reflection of his tireless effort and commitment. Instead, the story became one of redemption: an incredible athlete, faced with a serious injury, fighting his way back to greatness – no matter how he defines it for that day - while inspiring others to do the same.

In the key campaign visuals and film, JJ is depicted wearing the shoe while partaking in what he does to inspire in others: the wherewithal to overcome the hurdles that tend to stand in the way of being our best. Granted, JJ Watt’s obstacles include a 61” box jump and a tremendously heavy sled push. But, where the campaign speaks to all of us, are the ideas depicted in chalk that JJ works to demolish through his training: Fear, Doubt, Pressure and Limits. The shoes are simply a tool; part of the arsenal needed to overcome what holds you back and pursue your dreams of greatness – whatever they may be. 

In more retail-focused channels, the JJ I was depicted through a tech film and a number of executions that focused more on the key features of the shoe, without losing that consistent message that is meant to inspire wearers to go after greatness with no hesitation, no fear and no mercy.

“Hunters Unite,” the third and final TV spot, launched at the beginning of the 2016 NFL season. In the film JJ invites hunters of all ages to name the greatness they are hunting, a target they have emblazoned across their chests.

The Reebok JJ I Trainer ($99 – to match JJ’s jersey) debuted at midnight, ET on July 15 and was completely sold out on within 24 hours.