Senses Micro-targeting

The Lamborghini brand is not one that’s attainable for many. As luxury in the highest class, we have a responsibility to deliver work that both maintains the brand stature in wider culture, but just as importantly delivers on the high expectations of those capable of buying via pure, cutting-edge and innovative experiences.

Scale communication isnt suitable for Lamborghini. The brand must talk to the powerful few in a way only Lamborghini can.

To encourage our target to come and see the new Huracan at Monterey Car Week, we created micro-targeted, geo-targeted lists based on net worth and household income, to speak to potential enthusiasts from the San Francisco market.

All targets received premium printed direct mail and email communication that leveraged the “Senses” campaign. Test drivers received a little something special - a pair of Google Goggles to view a full 360 Virtual Reality drive from San Francisco to Monterey in a Huracan. After watching the VR, 7 San Francisco dealership test drives were conducted in a 14 day period. The program has reached over 15,000 prospects via email or direct mail.

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