Launching Philips Hue

The challenge Philips faced in launching Hue was that this new product needed an identity, a story and more importantly a go to market strategy for a market that didn’t even exist yet. 

We needed consumers to reappraise the role of lighting in their lives from a replaceable commodity to a desirable tool for self and home improvement.  

We created the Hue identity, giving it a name and brand that could be rolled out across packaging, retail environments and digital channels.   

Knowing the product was going into Apple stores meant that creatively Hue had to fit in within this environment. This meant stepping away from the Philips brand guidelines to create something unique and desirable for the environment and audience.  

We developed a striking visual language, taking cues from Apple’s simplicity. Premium, clear, beautiful.

Product education was something we needed to keep simple. We created clear, instructional video content that would do the job of explaining the product, getting people started and being inspirational.

And finally, to close the creative loop we also designed and the actual hue application.

Hue image 1 Hue image 2 Hue image 3