Philips Hue appointed iris Amsterdam to come up with a new positioning line for its product, and create content that would bring it to life.

This also meant developing Hue’s ecosystem and messaging for its three propositions ‘Comfort & Security’, ‘Light Up Your Moments’ and ‘Endless Possibilities’, followed by creating assets that would capture this.

Our biggest challenge was how do we humanise the brand. When Hue first launched in 2012 it had personality, but it started to become more technical than personable. It became complicated and confusing. So how do we make Hue simple to understand, more human and approachable again?

We came up with ‘Turn on Living’ because we believe there’s more to lighting than just illumination. Light has the power to set the mood for every moment, let you wind down or energise for the day ahead. It can make you feel safe, alive or even trigger your imagination to start exploring its endless combinations.

Together with this new positioning, we created a set of assets that let consumers understand how they can explore and experience it all. A simple product built around them, designed for real life and all its potential. After all, the richness of lighting is as magical as real life once you turn it on and start living.