Rapid Rugby

Following our appointment as lead strategic and creative agency in January 2019, Rapid Rugby tasked Iris with the launch of its 2019 inaugural Rapid Rugby Showcase Series.

Based on the simple truth that all sport is better without the boring bits, Rapid Rugby is a new format of rugby union with 70-minute games and rule changes that incentivise teams to keep the ball in play and take more risks.

With plans to launch in various markets across APAC, our challenge was to communicate this message and attract entirely new, entertainment-hungry audiences, not just existing rugby fans. 

Our solution? A series of digestible launch content that would take Rapid Rugby beyond the confines of rugby and into the wider realm of live sporting entertainment. Positioning the sport as the antidote to the boring elements that frustrate today’s sports fans, the content ran across social, broadcast and digital channels.

The campaign went live on 26th March 2019. Results coming soon.

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