Incubator brand Book

A brand book you actually want to read. We took over 60 pages of pretty dry marketing content including power-point charts of doom and turned it into something visually engaging. 

The whole book was designed, crafted and printed in less than four weeks. To reflect the 'authentic', 'crafted' and independent spirit of the brand, several techniques were used in creating the book from the 'hand-made' 
wooden boxes for the outer to the 'hand-made' letterpress typography and different paper stocks, printing and engraving techniques for the book itself.

It was all in the details, we even acid-bathed the screws for the hinges to make them appear old. We collaborated with several local independent craftsmen to make this book authentic whilst highlighting the use of local materials and crafts. 

After some long nights, weekends, mixed with some production challenges and passionate push backs (on both Sol and iris teams), the end result is something we and the client are proud the client's words 
"You guys have knocked it out of the park in every category, 10/10."