For the forward LIVE 2022

For the forward LIVE 2022

28 June 2022

David Caygill and Lizzie Hawkins painted us a picture of the landscape of the future, the problems that may arise and how to prepare for them. With the pandemic causing large amounts of change and global systemic issues caused by conflict, climate and lack of cooperation they created 6 pillars of resilience.

“To be resilient is not just to survive, it’s about surviving as things change around you” – David Caygill

These are the 6 pillars of resilience that David and Lizzie discussed.

  • Values – be clear on what you stand for, tell your story and walk your talk
  • Leadership – exercise wisdom. Specifically crystallised intelligence, which is deep knowledge and cultural intelligence
  • Sustainability – design regenerative businesses. It is vital to avoid build-up of sustainable debt
  • Innovation – adopt with agility. Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown and look for opportunities to experiment
  • People – gather intentionally. We must design gathering for the kind of connection we want to create
  • Diversity – welcome new perspectives. Encourage positive friction as healthy heat is vital, for this, employees must feel their perspective is welcomed and included
“Human connection is threatened just as much by unhealthy peace as it is by unhealthy conflict” – Priya Parker

If you have missed the event, click here to watch a recording.

We’re now taking ‘For the forward LIVE’ on the road. We’ve designed an inspiring and actionable 2-3 hour workshop model to bring the trends and provocations covered in the session to your organisation.

You can expect:

  • A thought-provoking opportunity to bring together leaders and changemakers from across your organisation to focus on resilience and the future.
  • An inspiration session covering the ‘6 Pillars of Resilience’ and how to design a business that will not only thrive but survive for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.
  • A bespoke interactive workshop which takes a step back and benchmarks where you sit across the 6 Pillars today. Followed by co-creating a leap forward, developing initiatives to address gaps and capitalise on strengths.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with David Caygill We’d love to chat. 

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