Iris Atlanta Makes a Statement on Gender Equality with the Help of Their Own Moms

Iris Atlanta Makes a Statement on Gender Equality with the Help of Their Own Moms

2 May 2018

On May 11, the Friday before Mother’s Day, the staff of Iris Atlanta will celebrate their moms’ contributions to the rise of women in the workforce, and collaborate on distance left to cover.

Now in its second year, Take Your Mother to Work Day (TYMTWD) is a highly-anticipated event for staff and their moms. And with the Time’s Up, #MeToo and Women’s March movements happening across the country, Iris will use this year’s event to focus on the company’s commitment to gender equality, and the art of starting something with staying power.

“In advertising, we’re always working to create something memorable. But mothers have this certain knack for coming up with those one-liners that are so timeless and profound that they’re more than ‘sticky’…they’re cemented. Which is why we felt that our moms were the perfect partners to help us share an important message about gender equality with all of Atlanta.” said Lexi Corn, Iris Atlanta’s Creative Director.

At this year’s event, the moms will go to work helping the Iris staff develop an outdoor advertisement that will live next to the agency’s door, which faces the Eastside BeltLine Trail. Their assignment: How would you encourage the people of Atlanta to stay vigilant and stand up for gender equality at work?

“Some people say we’re a progressive agency because five of the seven leadership roles at Iris Atlanta are filled by women, but we don’t see it that way. True equality is about equal pay and equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of gender, and that’s what we’re committed to. We’re not keeping score, but we are paying attention,” said Corn.

For those who don’t work at Iris but want to get involved, a set of limited-edition Mother’s Day cards, featuring some of the Iris moms’ classic one-liners, are available for purchase here, and a Take Your Mother to Work Day event planning kit can be downloaded here.

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