Iris Germany and Alcon capture 4 Titan Health Awards with visionary campaign

Iris Germany and Alcon capture 4 Titan Health Awards with visionary campaign

1 August 2023

The TITAN Health Awards have unveiled the winners of Season 1 in 2023, acknowledging the extensive contributions made by advertisers, marketers, designers, service providers, manufacturers, and all industry professionals to the global healthcare landscape.  

The competition garnered hundreds of exceptional submissions from over 25 countries, such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Germany, among numerous others, attracting significant international acclaim.

The "See beyond cataracts” campaign from Iris and Alcon, empowered individuals with cataracts to take control of their vision correction options and to look forward to new possibilities. The campaign's creative approach and compelling execution resulted in the following notable wins:

Advertising - Craft - Image Creation: Platinum

Advertising - Craft - Typography: Platinum

Advertising - Online Ad: Gold

Advertising - Digital/Online: Gold

Through a carefully crafted creative platform, "New Vision. New Vitality" showcased the potential transformative impact of an extended vision lens, offering patients a glimpse into an alternative, vibrant future. The campaign's visuals, spanning various formats such as social media statics, web content, videos, and in-clinic posters, effectively conveyed the message of choosing new vision and vitality with an extended vision lens.

"We are immensely proud of our collaboration with Alcon on the 'See beyond cataracts' campaign, and these wins highlight the exceptional creativity and strategic approach of our teams," said Jason Andrews, Executive Creative Director at Iris Germany. "This campaign truly speaks to the power of taking control and choosing a brighter future, and we are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those with cataracts."

"Working with Iris Worldwide on the 'See beyond cataracts' campaign has been an incredible journey. Their creative approach and attention to detail have truly captured the essence of empowering individuals with cataracts to envision a brighter future. We are delighted with the recognition this campaign has received at the 2023 Titan Health Awards." - Jan Ferlik, Director of Patient Engagement, Sx International Marketing Group at Alcon.

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