Covid Contextual Messages

Covid Contextual Messages

18 December 2020

Understanding and messaging who is quarantining versus not is vastly important and doableSimply put, pairing behavioral patterns with personalized messaging, typically observes 200% - 300% lift in responseThat’s a number you don’t want to overlook!  

At Iris we’ve successfully implemented a simple idea through a complex audience and device data strategy. We're leveraging device data to segment and understand who have been out and about in local markets in the past x weeks versus those who have not to better target and communicate with our clients’ audiences appropriately.  

Once established, this type of data can be used to drive campaigns with very specific objectives, IE increase traffic in specific locations –  down to the county level which is increasingly important as open hrs and rules change in local markets. Through this audience first approach, Iris is able to achieve new segmentations that overcome the important concern about location oriented messaging missing the mark among a significant portion of the population that are still quarantining. 

By identifying our customer base and understanding behaviors in terms of adjustments to the new normal, we achieve right time, right content messaging. We are able to identify micro-audiences and reach them with messages that resonate and drive them to their preferred point of purchase with extremely relevant and timely campaigns. We can message those who are out and direct them accordingly. For many of our clients this is extremely relevant which we highlight in the chart below. We can see that for one of our clients, of the 49% that would normally shop in person, 27% is hunkering in and might be more likely to shop online this season if we can successfully entice them to switch their shopping channel.  


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