Iris helps every Chicagoan unlock their potential with pro bono work

Iris helps every Chicagoan unlock their potential with pro bono work

18 December 2017

For many Chicago residents, something as simple as opening a bank account, starting a new job or getting around town is often hindered by the fact that they can’t access an official government ID. But a new initiative from the City Clerk’s office is about to change all of this - unlocking the potential of this world-class city for every one of our 2.7 million residents. And Iris Chicago is at the center of it all.

The Chicago CityKey - which launched December 14, 2017 - offers government-issued identification to all Chicago residents, including under-served communities such as undocumented immigrants, returning citizens, at-risk youth and the homeless. But it also opens a wealth of other opportunities for all residents, including discounts to cultural and sports venues and serves as a resident library card and CTA transit pass. The Chicago CityCard is the first of its kind to offer all three functions in a municipal ID.

Iris Chicago helped bring this historic initiative to life by working with the City Clerks team to define the initiative’s Passionate Purpose (“Empowering the unique identity of every Chicagoan”) and naming the card itself. "Literally and figuratively, this is your key to the city - whether that means access to services and opportunity you wouldn’t have otherwise or a passport to new places you rarely visit” reads the creative presentation delivered by the Iris team.

The naming initiative was not only a great way for the Iris Chicago team to give back to the community, but also a clear demonstration of our new promise to continually work “For the forward.”

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