Samsung Australia and iris launch business marketing campaign: ‘Your business, your rules’

Samsung Australia and iris launch business marketing campaign: ‘Your business, your rules’

20 February 2017

Mobile technology helping to provide solutions to the diverse needs of Australian business

Sydney, Australia – 20 February, 2017 –Samsung Electronics Australia has today announced the launch of a new marketing campaign designed to engage and educate Australian business audiences about the versatility of its mobile product and solution portfolio offering.

The business-to-business (B2B) campaign, ‘Your business, your rules’, has been developed by creative agency iris Sydney and will showcase Samsung Australia’s approach to communicating how its mobile technology can help support the needs of today’s businesses.

Samsung’s mobile offering for business now operates across compatible Windows and Android tablets, multiple compatible smartphones, smartwatches, software and solutions, as well as compatible virtual reality and applications – all of which can be tailored to the specific needs of business customers.

The campaign will roll-out via digital channels appearing across Linkedin, Facebook, youtube and supported with a new website.


Steven Sherry, Vice President, Business and Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Australia said, “Mobile products and solutions play a critical role for any competitive business operation today. For Samsung, it’s imperative that we are able to support our business clients with products and solutions that are tailored to solve specific business challenges whilst helping to provide the security they need, via our Knox platform.

Businesses demand technology that can support productivity, mobility, and help solve specific business challenges they face each day.They want to make their own decisions and maintain control. The approach we are taking with this campaign acknowledges that not all staff are the same and that businesses need a diverse choice of mobile solutions.”


Mark Treadwell, Client Service Director, iris said, “In the cluttered, grey world of B2B, the traditional and somewhat lethargic, off-the-shelf solutions approach is no longer cutting it with the way people run their businesses. One size no longer fits all. This is a first for Samsung Australia in creating a bespoke local approach for B2B, and in doing so has created a paradigm shift from bottom line profit to customer experience.”

The campaign launches today across digital and social media channels. This includes bespoke content and real case studies targeted to key verticals including Hospitality, Healthcare, Transport and Government.

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