The Great Reset

The Great Reset

2 July 2020

Some of you might remember that last year, in partnership with the Purpose Disruptors, Iris launched a project called 'Create and Strike'. Our aim was to bring the climate crisis to the forefront of our industry conversations. Since then, we've been working internally and with the Advertising Association on how the industry can urgently reduce its impact.
Then Covid-19 hit, which prompted us to look at how we could evolve 'Create and Strike' for a new world. Lockdown has caused a 7% decline in global emissions that - if maintained year on year - would avert the climate catastrophe.

Our industry now faces the choice – encourage people to keep acting sustainably, or get people back to their old consumption habits. When we asked the public, 77% of people said it was our industry’s responsibility to help maintain these positive environmental shifts that have happened during lockdown.

Our solution is 'The Great Reset' – a movement to help the creative industry take on this responsibility. Instead of letting things go back to 'normal', helping us move forward… to ‘better’. 
Adopting a unique, collaborative approach, over 200 people from competing agencies within the community attended a series of online workshops throughout lockdown to develop the launch activity.
And now we're calling on you, our industry friends, to pledge support and help us #CreateTheReset.

Find out more about 'The Great Reset' and how you can get involved via the website and launch film (both created and produced by Iris). And check out what Campaign have to say about the initiative here

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