Tips for a Covid Proof Campaign

Tips for a Covid Proof Campaign

18 December 2020

It makes sense that we would want to understand who is out shopping versus who are quarantining and message them accordingly, but it’s not enough to have the data to do that. Follow these four tips to help ensure your campaign is COVID proof: 

Use Recent Data: First party data is highly valuable, but can be outdated and based on aging preferences. With consumer behaviors changing from household to household, it’s important to use data that is of high quality, accurate, and relevant for today’s goals. In our case, the use of up to the minute mobile data from the last few weeks, ensures the campaign stays in step with today’s ever changing landscape. 

Layer Data for Multi-Dimensional Approach: There are a myriad of opportunities to leverage additional data sources to zero in on high potential audiences with unique data elements.  For a recent mobile campaign, we used discretionary retail visit data for targeting, and other data attributes including: date of mobile contract expiration, current mobile device and mobile use personas (eg. what the device is most used for: gaming, photography, fitness, business etc.) to hone in on engaging messaging and campaign tactics.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize: Define the right KPI, and optimize against it relentlessly.  A KPI that is in line with the overall campaign objective, such as store visits for known retail shoppers, will far out-perform surrogate measures like clicks or engagement. Create strategies that align 1-1 with that KPI to find success. 

Compliance with Privacy Laws: As GDPR/CCPA continues to fluctuate by state, it’s important to be aware and ensure all state level privacy laws are obeyed. From an advertiser perspective, it is important to validate that not only your 1PD is fully compliant, but that any 3PD vendor audiences are compliant with permissions to fully leverage PII data. They key is to ensure your teams are only collecting location data (Lat, Long, Ad Device ID, Timestamp etc.) from fully opted-in devices. Additional elements to keep top of mind while moving forward with your data first strategy are: anonymity (hashed and matched in safe harbor), user controls (opt-in and out), security and legal compliance (complying with laws such as CCPA, GDPR, NAI etc.).  


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