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Straight Outta New York

Greenwich Village has always been the creative heart of NY starting with the coffeehouse musicians and Beat Generation of the seventies to the quirky boutiques and galleries of today. Iris continues this neighborhood tradition by helping brands take strategic and creative leaps. We leverage our areas of specialism (content, experiences, CRM) to drive our clients’ business forward out of challenge, change and disruption.

Inspired by trailblazers who would orient to 89°, the declination of the North Star, 89 Degrees adopted the name to reflect our ability to put data to work, helping our clients master new levels of customer engagement. Founded in 1996, 89 Degrees quickly established a track record of success, unlocking meaningful insights from customer data, informing critical decisions, enabling innovation, and driving higher marketing ROI. Our integrated teams of data scientists and marketing specialists, led by senior practice leaders with years of vertical expertise, work seamlessly to ensure our clients realize their strategic vision.

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Key People

Bonnie O'Hara
Managing Director
An aspiring agent for change and advocate of the experience economy, Bonnie is a true expert at delivering culture-shaping, integrated marketing campaigns.
Bonnie O'Hara
Dipti Bramhandkar
Executive Planning Director, North America
Dipti delivers rigorous integrated strategies. She’s passionate about grounding creative work in real audience insights and creating programs that are culturally alive and commercially impactful.
Dipti Bramhandkar
Jeremy Cochran
Chief Client Officer
Jeremy has global responsibility for our largest client, Samsung. He also leads Iris B2B service offering, Iris Business.
Jeremy Cochran

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