Think Again with Shell V-Power NiTRO+

Shell wanted to showcase the everyday moments in life that we can all relate to. Whether it’s watching a beautiful sunrise, waving at a friend on the road or taking the scenic route home, Shell is there to fuel the best journeys in life with the Best Engine Protection. 
To help Shell connect with their audience on a more emotional level we revealed a day in the life of one of Shell’s most well-known drivers, Helio Castroneves. We followed Helio during his daily routine, which inevitably starts and ends at a Shell station. As the video unfolds, we pause on some of the most significant moments of Helio’s day, reinforcing the benefits of using SVPN+ and positioning Shell as top of mind with our consumers when fueling their own life’s journey.
Much like causing viewers to rethink the premium fuel category, we’re urging them to rethink a typical video timeline by using a creative mechanic that reverses and rewinds the footage taking us back through the journey of the previous tank of SVPN+.