Iris Boston Practice Areas

Iris Boston Practice Areas

26 March 2019

In Boston, our clients’ success is the result of our innate capacity to put good data to use, helping them solve a range of problems for higher marketing ROI, including unlocking actionable customer insights, improving marketing automation performance and driving the right customer behavior at scale.

To help marketers in search of a partner adept at enabling customer engagement, we’ve organized our core competencies into four key practice areas: Loyalty Programs, Customer Journey Management, Advanced Analytics, and Marketing Technology & Enablement.

While our services are bucketed into these defined areas, our solutions are far from cookie cutter implementations. We know “one size fits all” approaches are ill-equipped to deliver competitive advantage, which is why we favor custom-made alternatives tailored to each organization’s unique marketing challenges and goals. Not typical at larger agencies, our senior executive strategic leaders get involved early and stay actively engaged with their integrated account teams throughout all projects.

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