Iris Germany & Samsung win B2 Bronze Award for Demand Generation: Large Enterprise

Iris Germany & Samsung win B2 Bronze Award for Demand Generation: Large Enterprise

20 June 2024

Iris Germany, in collaboration with Samsung, have taken home a B2 Bronze Award in Demand Generation: Large Enterprise for their “Uncovering the ABX Factor” campaign.

Samsung’s Knox platform – in combination with Galaxy devices – allows newspaper and magazine publishers to offer an innovative solution to attract and retain digital subscribers through a fully personalised news-reading tablet solution.

The campaign to promote this new product platform was also based on a completely individual experience. Using a full-funnel, account-based experience (ABX) approach, Iris enabled Samsung to target specific, high value accounts through a hyper-personalised, hyper-targeted marketing initiative. Powered by the integration of marketing and sales, Iris got 7 out the 10 largest news publishing groups in the UK into sales talks with Samsung.

Phoenix Kim, Director at Global Mobile B2B Team, Samsung Electronics, says "this campaign was a key moment for Samsung Knox. For years, we have been successfully promoting the benefits of the platform as a business enabler. But now we had a truly personalized approach to our marketing that cut through to senior decision makers with highly targeted relevance. I have been really impressed by the levels of interest and the potential value of the conversations that this approach has led to."

Thilo Rust, Group Account Director, Iris Germany, says “this campaign shows impressively what Account Based Marketing and Account Based Experiences can do in terms of communication and sales performance in the B2B space. Using a hyper personalized and hyper-customized communication model to hit only the key target accounts requires the perfect interplay of tools and processes. At the same time, the combination of unique strategic and creative thinking together with performance data demonstrates that it is worth the investment and that in B2B there is no way around this innovative approach."

Find out more about the collaboration here.   

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