Not the Iris Period Policy

Not the Iris Period Policy

8 March 2023

This year's theme for International Women's Day (IWD) at Iris was embrace equity. This means creating opportunities and environments to directly counter the inequities faced by women and those that identify as women, creating a culture that is truly inclusive where people can be free to be themselves. IWD is not just for women but for all people seeking to challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination, and allies are an important piece to creating supportive and inclusive environments. 

In line with our For the Free DE&I strategy and our commitment to be an inclusive and equitable workplace, we launched a global period policy, have a read here. The aim is to normalise and destigmatise conversations about periods, as well as creating a safe and flexible work environment for people to better manage menstruation – helping everyone feel comfortable and empowered to ask for the support they need. 

To support the launch of the policy, we created a tongue in cheek series of illustrations entitled 'Not the Iris Period Policy' - helping tackle old school myths, misconceptions and tips on what not to do when someone is menstruating. 

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