Participation branding is key to the future of auto marketing

Participation branding is key to the future of auto marketing

11 May 2023

The automotive industry is switching gears. Our Senior Strategy Director, Matt Rebeiro, shared his thoughts and insights with Automotive World on how consumer and creator participation in automotive marketing will reshape the sector.

In the last five years, industries across the spectrum have been experiencing dramatic change and the automotive sector is no exception. Thanks to trends like mobility, connectivity, autonomy and sustainability, the industry is ripe for disruption and these clearly indicate that the traditional model of visiting a car dealership, talking to a salesperson, test driving and making a deal is quickly fading.

Today, 90% of car buyers begin their journey online as demonstrated by Google research into online buyer habits. Not surprisingly, automotive businesses are adapting their marketing spend and strategies to these new behaviours and needs. Digital media represents more than half of all category media investment in 2021, overtaking television in 2016, as revealed by warc’s research into global advertising spend in the automotive sector.

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